Zig Zag Shoes began in 1976, by making skateboards in the USA. The Vietnam war had just ended, and skateboarding was just becoming popular. It started with making skateboards, then quickly evolved into making some good, well priced shoes to skate in. Zig-Zag was quickly and quietly born making a timeless, comfortable shoe for a good price.  From day one, we made our shoes for the individuals who matched our ethos, and were on their own journeys in life.

The first shoes were known as “roofers” as many people in construction would wear the mesh slip ons, due to the utility of being very breathable for hot working conditions not to mention also being comfortable. The next style was the slip on and the lace up out of hopsack canvas. Word quickly spread, and the fuse was ignited into a wildfire. Everyone from skaters, homeless people, train hoppers and anyone in between started gravitating towards Zig Zags. These styles  soon after garnered the moniker “winos”. There certainly was a mysterious aura surrounding Zig-Zags, as well as the culture & cult following that surrounds.

Zig Zag remains deeply rooted in the roots of hard working people, american culture, and the individuals who have the guts to see their dreams come true. Balancing utility with innovation, and comfort without financial compromise Zig Zag strives to make the best, most timeless and comfortable shoes that your hard earned money can buy.


Stash Co is co-owned and operated by Cheryl Schulke and Paul Forde. Their production studio is based in a century-old mattress factory about an hour west of Houston. Committed to utilizing vintage hand-tools, boot-making equipment, and good old-fashioned American ingenuity to craft each bag, Stash Co. creates hand crafted goods to last a lifetime and get better with time. We are so pleased to have an exclusive line of Stash Co. goods which is only available to Status Foe.


 Thread & Stone is a hand crafted jewelry collection by Nicole Cabebe & Alana Spencer. The words thread & stone were chosen to represent the brand’s diverse materials used in each of its collections. Growing up in the Hawaiian islands, the girls integrate their tropical roots with current adventures of living in Southern California into the brand. Their coastal musing lifestyles & passion for working with their hands is what drives their creative spirits.


The Peoples Movement is doing much more than most shoe companies, let alone most businesses. The make money to do good. The shoes are made from organic, recycled, and repurposed materials. The Peoples Movement this year is also giving back $1 from every shoe in the “Clean Act” collection to Plastic Pollution Coalition, raising awareness and fighting against the plastics that pollute beaches worldwide.


Developed by “The Generic Man”, the foundation of Generic Surplus is proven shapes and clean, simple, refined lines. Creating classic American footwear to complete a look or to be worn everyday as a personal standard.